Louisiana Pollywogs - Nobody Likes Fun more than me!
Louisiana Songs for Kids!

Nobody Likes Fun more than me!
(Mardi G. Raccoon's Theme Song)

Performed by Don Hoffman & Bryan Wagar

He's the coolest critter under Louisiana's sun. I'm Louisiana's Ambassador of fun. His name is Mardi G. Mardi G. Raccoon. Hey, keep on singin' I kinda like this tune. He loves to run and play under every single tree. Nobody likes fun more than me. He's purple green and gold and he wouldn't change a thing, 'cause when it comes to fun... I feel like a king. From Monroe to Shreveport and south around DeRidder, Mardi is Louisiana's coolest spokescritter. If you want to be his friend, call him Mardi G. Nobody likes fun more than me.

His stomp of approval will surely let you know - the really cool places, for all the kids to go. If there's fun around somewhere, you know he'll check it out, 'cause fun is what he really likes. Without a single doubt. They say no one likes fun more than he. Nobody likes fun more than me.

From Bossier City, Baton Rouge and south to Lafayette - Mardi wants to know... Hey - are ya havin' fun yet? From St. Charles streetcars to paddlewheel boats, at Mardi Gras - the people, parades and the floats. So that is the story, as you can plainly see. Nobody likes fun more than me. Nobody likes fun more than me!

[The Riverboat Song] [Oscar de la Oyster] [The Saint Charles Streetcar Song] [Manchac Chicken Shack]
[It's Mardi Gras Time Again] [The Swamp Stomp] [Along Voodoo Bayou] [Toulouse the Crawfish Hunter]
[The Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog] [Pretty Purple Possums]
[Nobody likes fun more than me! (Mardi G. Raccoon's Theme)] [Louisiana's Alphabet Song]
[Clickety Clackety Crab] [Pontchy Pelican] [Ezzard and Theodore]
[Alphonse and the Little Alligator (a Cajun story)] [Aiy-eee]

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